Alchemical Poetry Just Short Of A Miracle

Alchemical Poetry Just Short Of A Miracle Cover The goal of alchemy was to create the philosopher's stone. This magical stone was supposed to be endowed with miraculous powers. Possessing such a stone is the equivalent to having "heaven on earth." Achieving the stone is an arduous, frustrating enterprise that simultaneously gives meaning and purpose to life. Just short of a miracle And were I to tend my body as if it were A fragile piece of heaven Sole to soul And see in my most desperate hour The sun shining through the night Then... And were I to silence insistent voices Whose ears are deaf to all others Other than their own Only to hear amongst the squabble A silent syllable I'd never heard before. Then... And if I should love someone I've never met Shower them with prayers and blessings So that a smile came upon them unexpectedly Then... And were I to mind each moment As if it were my first, my last And meet an lovely old lady Who shares her secret recipe with me Then... I'd multiply these examples by a thousand Times infinity And then still come up Just short of a miracle But then, even then It doesn't matter. To come this close to utter delight I can no longer decipher day from night.

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