Alchemical Poetry The Gold

Alchemical Poetry The Gold Cover Wilson's stave poorly saved for twenty years As it nears The sophistry and the mys'try of the gold I was told Was unjolly in its folly Every broom and every brolly Founded not the sophistry and the myst'ry of the gold Lovely gold Au contraire let me dare and say my vouch For some grouch In the lighting of his writing said to thee: "Alchemy Is not sorted nor aborted In those dialects distorted But the lighting of my writing says it be PURITY" So the dawning's ill-forewarnings one young day so to say Lit my cradle with some fable unbelieved As it weaved A spectre and reflector Of this primordial projector In my cradle making able image teethed Upon, heaved Then hologrammic monogrammic egg vessel Left nestle That it put at the foot of my bed For it fled Gave no utter nor a mutter But a hovered fly flutter And the graphic, oh the graphic, did I wrestle (With the vessel) When immersed yet unversed in such strange Did it change To a casket - no - a basket, holding flowers Pollumn showers Tried noses where roses Of white in red imposes Being sulphur (the engulfer) and merc'ry's change Roses arranged In myriad eyes mad and tranced Then glanced Vessel's sailing peacock tailing image flux One soon rucks The sheet from his feet To his mush quilt meets Scared and fraught the apport nigh advanced Hue enhanced Could my senses that intenses like the ignis Be the ignis? And the salt that exalts my chem'cal wedding Be my dredding? In vito of libido's Now-formed negredo Then at once that which blunts my guess distilled fuscous-killed Oh EUREKA! not one seeker saw the plight Of this sight 'Tis sophistry and the myst'ry of the gold Vivid, bold Discerning and turning To a sun-face burning Beguiling face smiling splendid gold Purest gold by Godo

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