The Philosopher Stone A Quest For The Secrets Of Alchemy

The Philosopher Stone A Quest For The Secrets Of Alchemy Cover

Book: The Philosopher Stone A Quest For The Secrets Of Alchemy by Peter Marshall

St Thomas Aquinas, Isaac Newton, Carl Jung; these and other historians, scientists and philosophers devoted much of their life to the study of alchemy and the search for the ultimate prize: the philosopher's stone, which can transform base metal into gold and is said to hold the key to life itself. Marshall is no desk top researcher, but to write the book embarked on a journey in the footsteps of some of the key practitioners, a quest which takes him to Beijing, Egypt, France, Spain and beyond and leads to encounters with many contemporary philosophers, alchemists and scientists, all searching not so much for fame or fortune but for the ultimate prize of enlightenment. This appealing combination of travelogue and inner journey is well served by the author's friendly, conversational tone and his ability to make sometimes complex ideas thoroughly accessible without shortchanging the reader. Myth, magic , religion and intrigue come together here to offer an intriguing alternative view of the history of civilisation's development. From the moment I took this book into my hands I struggled to put it down. Not knowing anything about alchemy this book probably was the best introduction I could ask for. The book reads like a novel, taking the reader through all the paths of discovering more about alchemy. Loads of information is distilled into assessable paragraphs that contain the essence of each topic covered. Referenced material supporting the book is well documented in the back of the book enabling the serious reader to do further research on the topic. Starting from ancient history, the book is organised in a chronological order to end in its significance for contemporary times. Each paragraph reveals a bit more of this fascinating and mysterious subject. Interviews, visits to significant sites, papers, quotes and interpretation of symbolism ignite the readers curiosity. Excitement grows within the reader to the extend of an expectation that the philosopher's stone might jump somewhere from the pages. True to the basic principles the author does not try to provide an objective view of alchemy. The author gets so passionately involved with alchemy that one wonders if the author might be biased towards seeing alchemic symbolism even where they do not exist. But after closing the last page of the book, the author most definitely has planted within the readers subconscious a seed of hope. Hope that there is more beyond the aims of immortality and turning metals into gold , towards actual transmutation. This is really an excellent book! Globe-trotter and author Peter Marshall provides a fascinating overview of the history of alchemy in diverse cultures in both ancient and modern times. I am struck by the author's candor and sincerity, never pretending to know something he doesn't know in this arcane field of study. Light workers, Healers, Seekers, and would-be Alchemists would do well to start here with this book, before tackling the clasic texts and the actual Practice.

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