Mercury Conjunct Saturn

Mercury Conjunct Saturn Cover As the teachings cannot be paid for, equally, alchemy cannot be taught. Mercury or Hermes has always been regarded as the progenitor and teacher of the alchemists. This tells us in their own language that the true 'teacher' of alchemy is Life itself. What is taught in the formal manner is an introduction to systems which ultimately act as a filter on direct experience of life and consciousness, and one day must be transcended if one is to ever be truly free. Every system or discipline, whether physiological, psychological or metaphysical is a limitation, a narrow passage which gives order to the chaos. The inevitable emergence from these coccoons of 'reason' and 'language' must be faced by anyone who becomes an advocate or 'professor' of such a system. Life will do this, simply because life is that volatile spirit that frees up all fixidity. Through tunnels of Set concretions of a time, away. Funnels that let us live in open-eyed Beyond. R.D.

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