Alchemical Poetry Aenigma Philosophicum

Alchemical Poetry Aenigma Philosophicum Cover There is no light, but what lives in the Sunne; There is no Sunne, but which is twice begott; Nature and Arte the Parents first begonne: By nature ‘twas, but nature perfects not. Arte then what nature left in hand doth take, And out of One a Twofold worke doth make. A Twofold worke doth make, but such a worke As doth admitt Division none at all (See here wherein the Secret most doth lurke) Unlesse it be a Mathematicall. It must be Two, yet make it One and One, And you do take the way to make it None. Lo here the Primar Secret of this Arte, Contemne it not but understand it right, Who faileth to attaine this formost part, Shall never know Artes force nor Natures might. Nor yet have power of One and One so mixt, To make by One fixt, One unfixid fixt. D.D. W. Bedman.

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