Alchemical Poetry Thomas Robinsonus

Alchemical Poetry Thomas Robinsonus Cover The Heavens, the Earth, and all that in them is, Were in six Dayes perfected from Abisse: From One sprung foure; from foure a Second One; This last a Gritt; that first the Corner Stone. Without the First the Last may not be had; Yet to the First the Last is too too bad. When from the Earth the Heavens were seperated, Were not the Heavens with Earth first Cohobated: And when the Heavens, and the Earth and all were not; Were onely Heavens create; and Earth forgott? No: Heavens, and Earth sprung all from one at first: Then who can say of Heavens, or Earth is worst? Is not the Earth the mother of them all? And what the Heavens, but Earths essentiall? Although they have in Heaven no Earthly residence, Yet in the Earth doth rest their Heavenly influence: Were not the Earth, what were the other Three? Were not the Heavens, what on the Earth could be? Thus as they came, so shall they passe together; But unto Man not knowe from whence, or whither. And for the tyme of Earths Heaven purifying, Six thousand yeares they live, and have their dying: Then all shall rest eternall and divine, And by the Beauty of the Godhead shine. I sweare there is noe other truth but this Of that great Stone; which many seeke and misse. Finis.

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