The Alchemy Of Abundance Practical Money Magic

The Alchemy Of Abundance Practical Money Magic Cover

Book: The Alchemy Of Abundance Practical Money Magic by Lisa Mcsherry

Lisa McSherry is the author of Magickal Connections and The Virtual Pagan. The owner of Facing North. Actively explore your feelings about, and history with, money, finances and abundance. You can do this utilizing lucid dreaming, or by creating guided visualizations that reveal unconscious attitudes. The technique that helped me most has been Writing a money autobiography. I spent three months writing about all of my dealings with money, from childhood until the present. From childhood gifts (given and received) to being the “poor girl” in young adulthood, right up to my current spending habits, I documented everything I could remember about how I interact with money. This exercise taught me that money was a key element in my habitual self-depreciation — and, further, that this attitude literally kept me poor. Spending the time to journal it all and then reading over the narrative was a painful shock, but it forced me to start making changes in those negative attitudes. One of the most important things I did was evaluate my real worth to my employer and ask for a huge raise — which I got! I taught myself to eliminate negative self-talk like, “I’ll never make more than X dollars a year” or “I’ll never have enough money to go to Europe.” Instead of visualizing what I couldn’t have, I began to spend time visualizing what I would do with all of the Abundance that was going to manifest. My journals detailed my “perfect” house and “dream” trips to far-away places. Many of those items I’ve already crossed off, because it turns out that the universe can provide you with what you ask even when it looks impossible. (It doesn’t always offer up cash!)

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