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Alchemical Poetry Life Time Cover Keep time by breathing What I exhale is past The next breath is all I know Of the future. (cited in Alchemical Psychology)

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The Philosophers Stone Alchemy And The Secret Research For Exotic Matter

The Philosophers Stone Alchemy And The Secret Research For Exotic Matter Cover

Book: The Philosophers Stone Alchemy And The Secret Research For Exotic Matter by Joseph Farrell

Prolific author Joseph P. Farrell, who commands a growing and devoted audience on Coast to Coast AM, Erskine Overnight, and other programs, initiates his Feral House association with The Philosopher’s Stone, in which he demonstrates the connections of modern physics and ancient alchemy by Investigating monatomic gold, the work of Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kozyrev, and the fuel for the mysterious Nazi "Bell" device, Serum 525. If you thought this book might simply be the outtakes of Dr. Farrell's previous research--with perhaps some tying up of loose ends and some elaborations here and there, you would only be partially correct. The book is that, but it is also much more than that, and there are some really nice payoffs in the end. Besides making the case that ancient alchemy masks a sophisticated science which closely resembles the hyper-dimensional physics Dr. Farrell talks about here and elsewhere, Dr. Farrell introduces some new players to his hyper-dimensional lineup. Of these new characters, two are particularly interesting: Nikolai Kozyrev and Burkhardt Heim. Kozyrev and his work on the [hyper-dimensional] physics of time is introduced in one of the most exciting sections of the book. Here Kozyrev re-introduces the concept of non-scalar time into Farrell’s previous books investigated the scientific and Astronomical implications of ancient monuments and the secret space operations of the Nazis who were brought into NASA to continue their highly classified research as a result of “Operation Paperclip.” The author is now working with best-selling authors Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara on a book about secret American space programs. Chapters within The Philosopher’s Stone include: * The alchemical view of the physical medium * Transmutations and time * David Hudson's Monatomic Gold * The Platinum Group Metals and High Spin State Atoms * An Alchemical Examination of the Soviet Red Mercury Legend * The Physics of Rotation: Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev * H-Bombs and Torsion Physics * The Greater German Alchemical Reich * Nazis, Lasers, and Isotope Enrichment * The Bell and Serum 525 A modern physics with a series of breathtaking experiments which demonstrates that time has structure and that structure is an active participant in the universe. That is, it has both direction and energy. One can readily see in the torsion of Kozeyrev's 'time', the great cosmic whirlpool and the cosmic mill of the ancients. Towards the end of the book, we are treated to the theories of Burkhardt Heim whose ideas about the lattice structure of space-time are very consistent with Kozyrev's work. As Farrell points out--unlike some modern hyper-dimensional theories--the theories of Heim and Kosyrev are both testable and engineerable. Finally, an important connection is revealed between the Philosopher's Stone and the Grail. Some theological yeast is also thrown into the mix; and of course, Farrell's tremendous writing ability and contagious enthusiasm for each new discovery is also in evidence. This book, like all of Dr. Farrell's books, is written with the novice and the scholar in mind and is well footnoted. Set out on this tributary of thought and flow to an ocean of knowledge that just might have you looking at the world a little differently, perhaps more accurately. Having read his other books, the Giza trilogy, the Nazi series, The Cosmic War, and Secrets of the Unified Field, this book will step you onto the path that leads to a mental ballet of thought that brings you to an astonishing conclusion. Read this book and you will never look at the world the same. The " journey to the center of your mind" is a path that starts in ancient history progresses to the moon and beyond with a surprising stop off in Nazi Germany, and the real proof is that the flashing X on your GPS screen tells you your latte is 5 seconds ahead and you didn't even get lost so far from home. Dr. Farrell has a unique presentation of material that flows across many disciplines to help to eliminate the modern tendency to segment our thoughts, and help harmonize one's thinking towards a symphony of knowledge that cultivates Independence of thought. Dare to step onto the path, and explore a really whole new universe, one that makes sense.

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