Alchemical Poetry I Am On Fire Watch Me Burn

Alchemical Poetry I Am On Fire  Watch Me Burn Cover Rake the clutter and make a fire, arrange the stones to circle the pyre, drag your belongings one by one, break up the moon to inflame the sun. Heave on reluctant years of learning watch as photographs rejoice in burning. Throw them in, achieve annihilation: each crackle unveils a violation. I am on fire, watch me burn; awaiting the wretched tide to turn, the colors blister, the patina darkens, no mirror can hold me, mutation harkens. Remove your clothes and cast them in lick the flames, invite them in! Pants, shirt, underwear, even rings join in the perfect kindling of things. Look into the flames, see them howl, heap on the knick-knacks with a shovel; pretty boxes, drawers, and tins, observe the snake loose it’s skin. Draw a circle, make a bowl begin a dance to express your soul; anything to further feed the flames who delight in eating your remains. From the smoke ascends a stair do not hesitate, be aware if fear should cause you to look back; dash the things you do not lack. As hungry angels gather around, give them your body most profound and a voice of darkest birds, only ask that they leave you words. A single sentence may cause a stir, send out a search party, provoke a cure, clenching torches they’re sure to follow . . . Pause to mourn a fallen swallow. Having left a set of prints in mulch, spewed my semen, built a church, I rejoice in living the life I burned. by Peter Valentyne

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