Secret Investigations Of Newton

Secret Investigations Of Newton Cover The studies into Newton’s unpublished papers mentioned above have revealed that during the greater part of his scientific career, his secret passions in fact lay in alchemy[18] and matters of theology (such as the nature of the holy Trinity, the dimensions of Solomon’s Temple, biblical prophecies and biblical chronology). It will therefore not come as a surprise that the true source for our anecdote in fact derives from Newton’s latter interests. More than 50 years ago the American historian of science I. Bernard Cohen was able to trace it back to the highly regarded Newton biographies by the English physicist David Brewster (1781-1868) in which it is cited in full as: ‘... when Dr. Halley ventured to say anything disrespectful to religion, he invariably checked him, with the remark, “I have studied these things – you have not”.’ The fact that Halley and Newton often quarreled on theological matters is confirmed by another remark recorded by John Conduitt, who in turn heard it from his wife (and Newton’s niece) Catherine Conduitt (nee Barton; 1679-1739). However, these altercations were never so intense as to cause a rift between these two great scientists.

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