Medieval Medical Manuscripts In The Harleian Collection P5

Medieval Medical Manuscripts In The Harleian Collection P5 Cover Harley 5679, DIOSCORIDES PEDANIUS, DE MATERIA MEDICA, BOOKS 1-5; 15th cent., 3rd quarter. Greek. Harley 5680, AVICENNA, CANON OF MEDICINE, BOOKS 3 AND 5; second half of 15th cent, partly 1479 (colophon f. 177). Hebrew translation. Harley 5707, AVICENNA, CANON OF MEDICINE, BOOK 3; 15th cent. Hebrew translation. Harley 5792, PS.-CYRIL, GREEK-LATIN GLOSSARY, PSEUDO-HIPPOCRATES, DYNAMIDIA (EXCERPTS) AND ADDITIONAL RECIPES; 8th cent. Greek and Latin. Harley 6258B, MISCELLANY INCLUDING ANGLO-SAXON MEDICAL TEXTS, TRANSLATIONS AND RECIPES; late 12th cent. or early 13th cent. Old English, early Middle English (possibly), and Latin. Harley 6295, COLLECTION OF MEDICAL WRITINGS BY ALEXANDER OF APHRODISIAS, ABBATIAN, HIPPOCRATES, AND PALLADIUS; 15th cent. Greek. Harley 6308, COLLECTION OF PHARMACOPEIAL AND SCIENTIC TEXTS; 16th cent., 1st half. French.

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