Alchemical Poetry Place In Space The Residence Of Motion

Alchemical Poetry Place In Space The Residence Of Motion Cover Transcribed by Adam McLean from MS. Sloane 3797, folios 3-5. Place in Space the residence of Motion, or the Secret Mystery of Nature's progress, being an Elucidation of the Blessed Trinity. Father - Son - and Holy Ghost. Space - Place - and Motion. Space, Place, Father & Son are inseparable fixed & immoveable. Motion ye Holy Ghost Is that which brings all things to the Blessed determination of the Dei, as in the Gloria Patri, Filii & Spiriti Sancti, etc. Space is the Circle of Created World Space is the Place wherein this Engine's rolled As Place a Center circled in by Space So Space ye Circle is of place's place Place is a Center yet Exchange of Place The Lineal motion is to Space's Space Place in it Self is ever fixed and still Which doth ye Vacant Space of Spaces fill Space can not Move because it all Contains Yet Space is Motion, place where Power reigns Nor Space nor Place do ever Stir nor Move Yet place in Space is restless Motions Grove Great is the magic of this motion's race Motion in Space doth pass from place to place Thus Motion caught in all including Space Standing in centers moved to Circle's place Motion is that which runs the world about Yet it a place is never found without Place it is Still from Motion never free Move and not move how can it ever be. This riddle placed in Space of mental motion Is plane to sense without erratic notion Motion's confined to various centriq place Never to pass ye boundless bounds of Space Thus each beginning doth its end contain And End once made it must begin again For what was done by one Creating Word Must by this Three in one be understood If any ask how this could ever be done Tell them the word is Father, Ghost and Son Before that time was made Creatural God in himself was the great all in all But to extend the virtue of his power Of nothing all things made for his one bower Thus was the great abyssive might Formed into Creature, whence produced was Light This light to nature joined both firmly stood As primo genitors and to beings food The product of this all including one In Triple Creature most divinely shown Prangeth it self by measure of formation To be the being's being of Creation Thus were the heavens and the Earth begot Both out of darkness unto Light was brought From whence was made twixt one and t'other Father, & Mother, Sister, & Brother Four in number as the Elements are Conjointly work to procreate their par Fire is the Father, and the mother is air Brother and Sister, Earth and Water, are These in their number weight and Measure Make of this world the hidden treasure Joined them thro light let them unite together That they may live in love and be for Ever So is the Quatrant four in one The Matter Form and Essence of our Stone.

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