Legality Of Alchemy

Legality Of Alchemy Cover Many types of alchemy are widely traded and trafficked throughout Dremlin. This is especially true of curative and protective alchemies such as Cure Wounds and Resist Toxin, which are often cheaper to produce and more readily available than magic potions, though specialized military units might also find certain kinds of contact gels or gas globes highly useful. There are, however, many types of alchemy which are either strictly controlled substances or else are banned altogether in certain realms. In Baron Gregorin's Lands, for instance, Poison, mind-affecting alchemies such as Charm and Euphoria, and explosive alchemies such as Oil of Impact, are illegal to own, create, or traffick without a permit. Alchemists would do well to familiarize themselves with local laws when travelling to ensure the legality of any wares they may have on them.

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