The Three States Of Alchemy

The Three States Of Alchemy Cover Ingested alchemies are those substances that can be imbibed through the mouth, either in their pure form or prepared in some form of food or drink. In their pure form, they are a non-viscous liquid, with a single dose being enough to fill a standard-sized vial. Depending on the ingredients used in the ingestion, they may or may not have colour or odour. As an ingestion merely requires consumption, anyone can use one, regardless of their experience with alchemy or herbs. Common ingestions include Cure Wounds and Minor Strength. Contact Gel Contact gels take the form of an extremely viscous paste that sticks to surfaces and augment the objects they coat. They are most commonly used on weapons in order to augment their effectiveness in some way. Generally speaking, violently disrupting the area on which the gel is spread will render the gel useless. A person with knowledge of the herbal arts can apply a contact gel safely. Common contact gels include Liquid Light and Vorpals. Gas Globe Gas globes are the most destructive form of alchemical solution, and are probably the most difficult of the three states to engineer. The ingredients for the effect sit dormant inside a breakable chamber until they are prepared for use via the proper shaking motion. This activates the ingredients. Upon striking some surface, the chamber releases its contents in a gaseous cloud which inflicts its effects upon the target. Only one who is trained in the herbal arts as well as rudimentary weapons can throw a gas globe, although gas globes are often used in the creation of alchemical traps. Common gas globes include Nausea and Acid.

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