Emerald Tablet Spiritual Technology

Emerald Tablet Spiritual Technology Cover
The Emerald Tablet is an ancient artifact that reveals a profound spiritual technology, which has survived to this day despite centuries of effort to suppress it. Encoded within the tablet's mysterious wording is a powerful formula that works in very specific and comprehensible steps on all levels of reality at once -- the physical, the mental, and the spiritual -- and shows us how to achieve personal transformation and even accelerate the evolution of our species. The source of alchemy and the Hermetic sciences, the tablet's universal approach made it forbidden knowledge, condemned by patriarchal powers for thousands of years, from the Egyptian priesthood, to the medieval Church, to our modern politicians and religious leaders. To ensure the survival of such "dangerous" principles, which guide people to higher states of consciousness, the ancients concealed their knowledge in a succinct declaration that has become a time capsule of wisdom for future generations. Molded out of a single piece of green crystal, the Emerald Tablet carries a prophetic message full of hidden meaning. Although its true origin is lost in legends that go back over 10,000 years, the wondrous artifact was translated into Greek by Alexandrian scholars and actually put on display in Egypt in 330 BC. Around the year 400 AD, it was reportedly buried somewhere on the Giza plateau to protect it from religious zealots who were burning libraries around the world at that time. Many believe the tablet still lies hidden there. Working only with these early translations, many seekers of truth recognized in subsequent centuries that the Emerald Tablet contained a secret formula for transforming reality. Many alchemical drawings such as this one are really schematic diagrams of the steps and operations of this Emerald Formula. The alchemists used these diagrams like Eastern mandalas and meditated on them in their laboratories to achieve altered states of consciousness. The unaccredited source of many of the our mystical and religious traditions, the tablet also inspired over 3,500 years of alchemy, a period in which some of the most creative minds in the world delved into the intertwined mysteries of matter, energy, soul, and spirit. Most medieval alchemists had copies of the tablet hanging on their laboratory wall. It was the only guidance they needed in both their meditation and practical work; it served as their Rosetta Stone for deciphering the deliberately obscured terminology of their art. 1. It is true without untruth, certain and most true 2. That which is below is like that which is on high, and that which is on high is like that which is below; by these things are made the miracles of one thing. 3. And as all things are, and come from One, by the mediation of One, So all things are born from this unique thing by adaptation. 4. The Sun is the father and the Moon the mother. 5. The wind carries it in its stomach. The Earth is its nourisher and its receptacle. 6. The Father of all the Theleme of the universal world is here. 6. Its force, or power, remains entire 7. If it is converted into Earth 7a. You separate the Earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross, gently with great industry. 8. It climbs from the Earth and descends from the sky, and receives the force of things superior and things inferior. 9) You will have by this way, the glory of the world and all obscurity will flee from you. 10. It is the power strong with all power, for it will defeat every subtle thing and penetrate every solid thing 11. In this way the world was created. 12. From it are born wonderful adaptations, of which the way here is given. 13. That is why I have been called Hermes Trismegistus, having the three parts of the universal philosophy. 14. This, that I have called the solar Work, is complete.

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Flumazenil Cover
Flumazenil (also known as flumazepil, code name Ro 15-1788, trade names Anexate, Lanexat, Mazicon, Romazicon) is a benzodiazepine antagonist. It was introduced in 1987 by Hoffmann-La Roche under the trade name Anexate.

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Mary The Jewess

Mary The Jewess Cover
Maria the Jewess (or Maria Prophetissima, Maria Prophetissa, Mary Prophetissa, Miriam the Prophetess) is estimated to have lived anywhere between the first and third centuries A.D. She is attributed with the invention of several chemical apparatus, is considered to be the first non fictitious alchemist in the Western world, an early pioneer in chemistry, and one of the most famed women in science ever.

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Alchemist As Anthropos

Alchemist As Anthropos Cover Back from a particularly rectifying weekend. Hence an etching from Basil Valentine’s 1603 Occulta philosophia, again reproduced in Fabricius (see previous post). The figure presents Valentine’s “vision of the great stone, the Benedictine superman supporting as Atlas the cosmic globe with its multitude of stars, the earth occupying the centre. The Sun is in Pisces, the moon in Aquarius, the circular work at its end. The inscription reads: ‘Seek this poster with diligence: therefore it has been shown to you. The earth is the source of the elements; they come forth from the earth and return to it again.’ The flying scroll is inscribed: ‘Visit the interior parts of the earth; by rectifying thou shalt find the hidden stone’” (p208). “The three-headed bust of an antique philosopher conveys ‘prudence,’ the infans philosophorum with ABC ‘simplicity.’ The union of these modes testifies to the Benedictine’s attainment of the highest lucidity of which the human intellect is capable. The state of mind is that of child and genius. Says an alchemical treatise: ‘The work is not brought to perfection unless it ends in the simple… for man is the most worthy of living things and nearest to the simple, and this because of his intelligence’ [Liber platonis quartorum]” (p208). The woodcut “is accompanied by the verse” (p208): I am the one who carries heaven | and earth While studying both with the utmost diligence. First I display prudence, | then simplicity, That my day’s wages may follow soon. “The stone… may be amplified by a passage in the ‘Rosinus ad Sarratantam Episcopum,’ one of the oldest alchemical Texts in Arabian style: ‘This stone is below thee, as to obedience; above thee, as to dominion; therefore from thee, as to knowledge; about thee, as to equals… This stone is something which is fixed more in thee [than elsewhere], created of God, and thou art its ore, and it is extracted from thee, and wheresoever thou art it remains inseparably with thee… And as man is made up of the four elements, so also is the stone, and so it is [dug] out of man, and thou art its ore, namely by working; and from thee it is extracted, that is, by division; and in thee it remains inseparably, namely by knowledge. [To express it] otherwise, fixed in thee: namely in the Mercurius of the wise; thou art its ore: that is, it is enclosed in thee and thou holdest it secretly; and from thee it is extracted when it is reduced [to its essence] by thee and dissolved; for without thee it cannot be fulfilled, and without it canst thou not live, and so the end looks to the beginning, and contrariwise’ [Artis aurif.]” (p208).

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Refining Gold

Refining Gold

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Tyrocinium Chymicum

Tyrocinium Chymicum Cover
Tyrocinium chymicum was a published set of chemistry lecture notes started by Jean Beguin in 1610 in Paris, France. It has been suggested that it was the first chemistry text book (as opposed to alchemy). Many of the preparations were pharmaceutical in nature.

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Make Silver Nitrate From Silver And Nitric Acid

Make Silver Nitrate From Silver And Nitric Acid

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Cinnabar Fields In Chinese Alchemy

Cinnabar Fields In Chinese Alchemy Cover The Cinnabar Fields, or dantian, are three loci in the human body that play a major role in breathing, meditation, and neidan ("internal alchemy") practices. Located in the regions of the abdomen, heart, and brain, but devoid of material counterparts, they establish a tripartite division of inner space that corresponds to other threefold motives in the Taoist pantheon and cosmology. The three Fields. The lower Cinnabar Field is the dantian proper and is the seat of essence (jing). Different sources place it at 1.3, 2, 2.4, 3, or 3.6 inches (cun) below or behind the navel, and consider it to be the same as, or closely related to, other loci in the same region of the body: the Gate of the Vital Force (mingmen), the Origin of the Pass (guanyuan), and the Ocean of Breath (qihai). In the first stage of the neidan process ("refining essence into breath"), circulating the essence along these two channels generates the inner elixir. The middle Cinnabar Field is at the center of the chest according to some authors, or between the heart and the navel according to others. It is the seat of breath (or "energy", qi) and is also called Yellow Court (huangting), Crimson Palace (jianggong), or Mysterious Female (xuanpin, an emblem of the conjunction of Yin and Yang). Its central position in the body also inspired the names Central Palace (zhonggong) and "One Opening at the Center of the Person" (shenzhong yiqiao). In the second stage of the neidan process ("refining breath into spirit"), the elixir is moved from the lower to the middle dantian and is nourished there. The upper Field is located in the region of the brain and is the seat of spirit (shen). Also known as Muddy Pellet (niwan) or Palace of Qian (qiangong, With Reference to the trigram representing Pure Yang), it is divided into nine palaces or chambers arranged in two rows. Niwan denotes both the upper dantian as a whole and the innermost palace or chamber (the third one in the lower row). Moving the inner elixir to the upper Field marks the third and last stage of the neidan process ("refining spirit and reverting to Emptiness"). Cinnabar Fields and meditation. The neidan tradition has inherited and developed several notions that have evolved in various contexts since Han times. The term dantian first occurs in two sources related to the Transformation of Laozi into a divine being, both dating from 165 CE: the Inscription for Laozi (Laozi ming) mentions the term in connection to the Purple Chamber (zifang, the gallbladder), and the Stele to Wangzi Qiao (Wangzi Qiao bei) relates it to meditation practices. One of the two main sources on early Taoist meditation, the third-century Scripture of the Yellow Court (Huangting jing), frequently refers to the three dantian as the Three Fields (santian) and the Three Chambers (sanfang, and also mentions the Yellow Court and the Muddy Pellet. The other main early Taoist meditation text, the Central Scripture of Laozi (Laozi zhongjing), gives the first detailed description of the lower Field, saying that it contains the whole cosmos and is the residence of the material carriers of essence (jing), i.e., semen for men and menstrual blood for women. The same passage shows that the appellation "cinnabar" originally derives from the red color of the innermost part of the dantian, with no direct relation to the mineral cinnabar or to the elixir. [See a Translation of this passage.] In several early descriptions, the three dantian appear as residences of inner gods visualized by adepts in meditation practices -- in particular, the One (Taiyi), who moves along the three Fields within the human body. The best-known occurrence of the term dantian in this context is found in the Baopu zi. [See a translation of this passage.] The Shangqing sources developed these meditation practices. The practice of embryonic breathing (taixi), also known as "breathing of the Cinnabar Field" (dantian huxi), further contributed to shape the neidan view of the dantian.

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Key 5 By Basil Valentine

Key 5 By Basil Valentine Cover The quickening power of the earth produces all Things That grow forth from it, and he who says that the earth has no life makes a statement which is flatly contradicted by the most ordinary facts. For what is dead cannot produce life and growth, seeing that it is devoid of the quickening spirit. This spirit is the life and soul that dwell in the earth, and are nourished by heavenly and sidereal influences. For all herbs, trees, and roots, and all metals and minerals, receive their growth and nutriment from the spirit of the earth, which is the spirit of life. This spirit is itself fed by the stars, and is thereby rendered capable of imparting nutriment to all things that grow, and of nursing them as a mother does her child while it is yet in the womb. The minerals are hidden in the womb of the earth, and nourished by her with the spirit which she receives from above. Thus the power of growth that I speak of is imparted not by the earth, but by the life-giving spirit that is in it. If the earth were deserted by this spirit, it would be dead, and no longer able to afford nourishment to anything. For its sulphur or richness would lack the quickening spirit without which there can be neither life nor growth. Two contrary spirits can scarcely dwell together, nor do they easily combine. For when a thunderbolt blazes amidst a tempest of rain, the two spirits, out of which it is formed, fly from one another with a great shock and noise, and circle in the air, so that no one can know or say whither they go, unless the same has been ascertained by experience as to the mode in which these spirits manifest. Know then, gentle Reader, that life is the only true spirit, and that that which the ignorant herd look upon as dead may be brought back to permanent, visible, and spiritual life, if but the spirit be restored to the body -- the spirit which is supported by heavenly nutriment, and derived from heavenly, elementary, and earthly substances, which are Also Called formless matter. Moreover, as iron has its magnet which draws it with the invisible bonds of love, so our gold has its magnet, viz., the first Matter of the great Stone. If you understand these my words, you are richer and more blessed than the whole world. Let me conclude this chapter with one more remark. When a man looks into a mirror, he sees therein reflected an image of himself. If, however, he try to touch it, he will find that it is not palpable, and that he has laid his hand upon the mirror only. In the same way, the spirit which must be evolved from this Matter is visible, but not palpable. This spirit is the root of the life of our bodies, and the Mercury of the Philosophers, from which is prepared the liquid water of our Art - the water which must once more receive a material form, and be rectified by means of certain purifying agents into the most perfect Medicine. For we begin with a firm and palpable body, which subsequently becomes a volatile spirit, and a golden water, without any conversion, from which our Sages derive their principle of life. Ultimately we obtain the indestructible medicine of human and metallic bodies, which is fitter to be known to angels than to men, except such as seek it at God's hands in heartfelt prayer, and give genuine proofs of their gratitude by service rendered to Him, and to their needy neighbour. Hereunto I may add, in conclusion, that one work is developed from another. First, our Matter should be carefully purified, then dissolved, destroyed, decomposed, and reduced to dust and ashes. Thereupon prepare from it a volatile spirit, which is white as snow, and another volatile spirit, which is red as blood. These two spirits contain a third, and are yet but one spirit. Now these are the three spirits which preserve and multiply life. Therefore unite them, give them the meat and drink that Nature requires, and keep them in a warm chamber until the perfect birth takes place. Then you will see and experience the virtue of the gift bestowed upon you by God and Nature. Know, also, that hitherto my lips have not revealed this secret to any one, and that God has endowed natural substances with greater powers than most men are ready to believe. Upon my mouth God has set a seal, that there might be scope for others after me to write about the wonderful things of Nature, which by the foolish are looked upon as unnatural. For they do not understand that all things are ultimately traceable to Supernatural causes, but nevertheless are, in this present state of the world, subject to natural conditions.

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Potion Alchemy

Potion Alchemy Image


25% OFF - Limited Time Only

"The world loves a spice of wickedness"

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Quote

Im sure you are familiar with the saying about spicing up your love life?

My guess is it may have derived from the ancient use of herbs & spices in magic.

In days gone by it was common to turn to their local wise woman or man when it came to solving matters of the heart, and when the "fires" of passions embers started to dim a potion would be said to do the trick.

This hand blended potion is a melody of luscious herbs, aromatics spices & sensual oils blended especially to ignite the passion in you and your partners or even for the singletons love life - making for a great Valentines Day gift.

Simply add this blend to your bath with its seductively spicy Licorice, cinnamon, Jasmine, ginger, Vanilla, & patchouli among others & you will be sure to be feeling "the heat".

Each bath potion comes with an instruction note and is beautifully presented in a luxurious fabric drawstring pouch. Each pouch is also accompanied with a complimentary Spell to get those sparks flying.

I hope you enjoy using my potions as much as I did making them!

Much Love,


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"Contents: 20g Herbal Bath Potion In Satin Pouch with Decorative Tag.

(This is for adult use only & is not to be ingested. Please keep out of reach from children & pets.)

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Alchemy The Sacred Science Of Truth

Alchemy The Sacred Science Of Truth

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Al Simawi

Al Simawi Cover
Abu al-Qasim Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Iraqi al-Simawi (d.1260?) was a Muslim Alchemist from Baghdad he carried various experiments was the famous author of Kitab al-lm al-muktasab fi zirat al-dhahab (The Book of Acquired Knowledge concerning the Cultivation of Gold). Al-Jildaki was deeply inspired by his works and wrote various commentaries and references regarding the works of Al-Simawi.

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