Alchemical Poetry From The Dark Skies From The Dark Moon

Alchemical Poetry From The Dark Skies From The Dark Moon Cover “Naked the Goddess mother lies in hell; naked. Ninazu’s mother lies exposed, the holy garment fallen from her shoulders, bare are the breasts of the mother, Ereshkigal.” – Cry of the Dead, from Gilgamesh “There is no death of anyone, save in appearance, just as there is no birth of any, save only in seeming.” – Apollonius of Tyana dog or sometimes cat assailed he claws at legs or clothes his horns & bells the end of moon of lotus seat the love of clouds & death-like sounds like wheels a sea of jewels all kinds of bones her noose & skull in red & feeding wolves her tears on beating wings all snaky-tressed & wordless / book of birds at dawn a falling dew from too dark skies & forests earth & dust the light (in beauty cheeks the forehead bright & high the neck like shell the heart at times eats stones & lastly thunder cuckoos flutes & bees the tree as food a house or road & coiled for certain worms or one she blinks & rips & hooked in hair her fingers rent the bloody head her face & breasts she shrieks & swathed in glitter tries to crawl his corpse-light eyes & lower (dead) she cries the skins of beasts & set but made not known the day she lost or hides as dark or maybe emptied / missed with dread

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