Muhammed Ibn Umail Al Tamimi

Muhammed Ibn Umail Al Tamimi Cover
Muhammed ibn Umail al-Tamini was an alchemist of the tenth century. In the later European literature he is known by a number of names, including Zadith Senior and Zadith filius Hamuel (or Hamuelis). There is an allusion to him in Chaucer's Canon's Yeoman's Tale (the "book senior"); the tale itself having alchemy as a theme. Chaucer's source is said to be the Chimica senioris zadith tabula; Chaucer believed it written by a follower of Plato. Attributed to ibn Umail are the Hall ar-Rumuz (Explanation of the symbols), the Kit^ab maf^at^ih al-hikma al-`uzm^a, and the Kit^ab al-m^a' al-waraq^i wa al-ardh al-najm^iya, a commentary on the alchemical poem Ris^ala al-shams il^a al-hil^al (in Latin, Epistola solis ad lunam crescentem, the letter of the Sun to the waxing Moon).

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