Alchemy An Introduction

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Book: Alchemy An Introduction by Marie Louise Von Franzs

This is an excellent place to see many alchemical symbols. For some, this wil bring up past life memories. Alchemical Galleries, the best on the web. We are so fortunate to have the internet. It used to take a lot of money and ingenuity to get the texts to see this many alchemical images. Here is a dream Carl Jung had about alchemy, a great interest of his. Marie Louise von Franz is describing, in her book Dreams: A study of of the dreams of Jung, Descartes, Socrates and other Historical figures, how Jung's dreams informed his life with direction and meaning. "With Jung one could even say that he based his life work on a meticulous consideration of his dreams. For instance, before he devoted himself to the symbolism of alchemy, he dreamed repeatedly of discovering a wing or an annex in his house which until then was unknown to him. There, in a subsequent dream, he discovered a magnificent library with books from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Some of the volumes contained engravings with strange symbols. Around the same time as the dreams he received an alchemical book which he had ordered from a bookseller and which contained exactly the same pictures. He realized then how vital it was for him to study that particular symbolism...." Book shows the secret goal of alchemy to be the Transformation of the personality and the search for wholeness. Invaluable for interpreting images in modern dreams and for Understanding relationships.

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