Alchemical Poetry Burning God

Alchemical Poetry Burning God Cover “With a great howl of rage and hate he snatched the body of his murdered brother out of the chest, tore it into fourteen pieces, and scattered them far and wide over the land of Egypt.” – Roger Lancelyn Green, Isis and Osiris “Egypt, then, was the eye and heart of the Earth; the Heavenly Nile poured its light-flood of wisdom through this dark of the eye, or made the land throb like a heart with the celestial life-currents.” – G.R.S. Mead, Thrice-Greatest Hermes (vol. iii) black dirt heart he licks her secret parts or waters stars a swallow nursed by isis wagered light & shoulders clay so made & moist or reared from grass he burns as summer beams a world of river skin like siamese moon her rock beside the sea the great green fire or flower of the clouds towards the night his wordless book & blankets soaked with dew she bends the sun to white the were-not-days a ros that starts with spring: the oldest death a pearl he swiftly seized & flayed the skin from head & mixed the bones with flesh & burned the mountain / forged his ruddy head from blackness stained with acid gift the stink of furnace leaves or bark & fruit her awful look a coffin-boat & spotted red like blood her young are fed (or slain / or gold

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