Basic Principles Of Energy Balancing

Basic Principles Of Energy Balancing Cover 1. There is an all pervasive life energy in the body, that like the blood continuously circulates. 2. This energy is the matrix of the physical form. Order in the energy form is order in the physical form and vice versa. 3. The energy field is wholistic, it underlies, and is Connected With the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual being. 4. The energy field is the subtle aspect of both health and disease. 5. Ordering the energy field will gradually order the physical and emotional bodies. It is a way of working from within outwards. It is subtle yet definitely purposeful. 6. The energy field is basically 'polarized' into positive and negative, or yin and yang. 7. Positive is yang, outgoing, dynamic, aggresive and hat. Negative is yin, receptive, absorbing and cool. 8. They are the basic pulse of the universe, contracting and expanding, drawing in and going out. 9. In the body, energy-is continuously going out to the universe and drawing in from the universe. Energy flows out through the right hand and comes in through the left hand. 10. Metal is positive and stimulates energy. organic material like wood or cotton wool, is negative and absorbs energy or, draws it in. Arranging these materials in different ways, creates a life energy 'battery' or orgone box, which can be used for healing. 11. In behaviour the life pulse, manifests in the form of Reaching out to the environment, from the self and drawing in from the environment, into the self. Self and environment form a polarity that needs to be in dynamic balance. However one can fixate on either one. The risk in being fixated on the outgoing pole, is that one can lose receptivity and the sense of ones self (it diminishes into the background of awareness). The alternative risk is that one becomes so receptive, that one is forever stressed by the environment (hypersensitivity, allergy etc.) and that one has a strong sense of self, but cannot risk it in going out to the environment (through fear of losing the self despite the fact that it is in risking the self, that the self gains and grows) it can result in a condition of contracted recoil.

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