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Solar Lodge was a secret society based on Ordo Templi Orientis and the works of Aleister Crowley. The Lodge was established in 1962, and withdrew into initiatory inactivity in 1972. The precursor to Solar Lodge was set in motion by Ray Burlingame ("Frater Aquarius"), when he initiated Georgina "Jean" Brayton ("Soror Capricornus") in 1962. Although Burlingame was a ninth-degree member of Ordo Templi Orientis, he did not hold a charter to initiate new members or found new bodies, consequently O.T.O. has never accepted Solar Lodge as a valid body of O.T.O. Solar Lodge was... not really a branch of OTO. We view it as an ill-advised attempt to appropriate the name and organization after Germer's death... - Hymenaeus Beta, OTO, to Frater Shiva - June 14, 2007 In 1965, shortly before his death, Burlingame instructed Brayton to initiate other people, which she did, expanding Solar Lodge in the 1960s to include over 50 members By 1967, the Lodge owned several small mansions, a gas station, a bookstore, and a desert property known as Solar Ranch. In 1969, the Lodge ran a bookstore in Blythe, California; it operated Solar Ranch near Vidal, California; and it owned a gas station in Vidal with a cafe, motel, bar, house, and grocery. In 1969, the members of the lodge were charged with mistreatment of the six-year-old son of one the members in a case that came to be known as "The Boy in the Box". Brayton, her husband, and other officers performed "interstate flight to avoid prosecution," traveled to Mexico and Canada, and eventually engaged in a publicity campaign that alleged a conspiracy against them by law enforcement officers and the courts. Initially, a few members went to jail for 6 months on a felony conviction, a few went to jail for 3 months on a misdemeanor conviction, and a few had their charges dismissed. When Brayton and her husband were arrested, she pleaded no contest and was sentenced to three years of probation along with a $500 fine. In a now omitted and inaccurate chapter in the 1971 book, The Family, by Ed Sanders, the text made alleged connections between Charles Manson and O.T.O...

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