What Are Spagyric Medicines

What Are Spagyric Medicines Cover The medicines, tinctures or essences, if prepared by following the procedures of Separation, Purification and Recombination are called the Spagyric way of making a medicine. By the methods of Separation and Purification we get the three purified elements of the Plants (Herbs) and then recombine these, which is Also Called “Cohobation” (Reassembling of the three purified elements of the Plant by means of Spagyrism). It is proved by various researchers that it is mostly Spagyric essences that are the true medicines and also only the Spagyric essences that are able to overcome the “Vitiation of Blood and Lymph.” How and Why? While making Spagyric essences, they get empowered with the three things: a) Organic compounds basically of lower molecular weight that can easily diffuse through the semi permeable membranes of the cells of tissues, b) Inorganic elements such as macro, micro and trace elements, c) Energy that can also be described as a chain of atoms bearing the properties of cations and anions, that is ions with positive or negative charges, that are able to take part in the biochemical process or reactions happening within the body’s cells. Thus, we can conclude ultimately that a Spagyric essence is rich in inorganic material, i.e. plant derived Minerals salts which can be easily absorbed by the body of living organisms. Physiology Revealed that mineral salts are important for all types of biochemistry or biochemical reactions that occur within the cells or tissues. Similarly, trace elements found in very small quantity in living organisms are very crucial for life, play an important role in metabolic reactions and act as catalysts. Now what is the “Vitiation of Blood and Lymph” and how does it occur? How are Spagyric Essences Suitable for De-vitiation? We know our body is a result or made up of 24 different elements, but just four of these make up the major part of our body weight. These four are: oxygen (O), hydrogen (H), nitrogen (N), and carbon (C). Hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water. The balance of chemicals in our body depends on our age.

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