Birth Of Organic Chemistry

Birth Of Organic Chemistry Cover Organic compounds are so named because they were first exclusively observed as products or constituents of living organisms. Early chemists could not synthesize any of them from inorganic compounds using chemical procedures. That feat was first achieved by Friedrich Wohler (1800-1882) when he accidentally synthesized urea CO (NH2)2 in 1828. Arguably, Wohler had founded organic chemistry 4 years earlier, when he synthesized oxalic acid (COOH)2 from inorganic precursors, in 1824. The work of Wohler marked the beginning of the end for the doctrine of vitalism which argued that a mysterious vital force in living things would distinguish its constituents qualitatively from inorganic chemical compounds. Today, organic chemistry is essentially synonymous with carbon chemistry. The tetravalence of carbon leads to the tremendous diversity of carbon-based compounds which makes life possible. Biochemistry is just a part of chemistry

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