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"The world loves a spice of wickedness"

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Quote

Im sure you are familiar with the saying about spicing up your love life?

My guess is it may have derived from the ancient use of herbs & spices in magic.

In days gone by it was common to turn to their local wise woman or man when it came to solving matters of the heart, and when the "fires" of passions embers started to dim a potion would be said to do the trick.

This hand blended potion is a melody of luscious herbs, aromatics spices & sensual oils blended especially to ignite the passion in you and your partners or even for the singletons love life - making for a great Valentines Day gift.

Simply add this blend to your bath with its seductively spicy Licorice, cinnamon, Jasmine, ginger, Vanilla, & patchouli among others & you will be sure to be feeling "the heat".

Each bath potion comes with an instruction note and is beautifully presented in a luxurious fabric drawstring pouch. Each pouch is also accompanied with a complimentary Spell to get those sparks flying.

I hope you enjoy using my potions as much as I did making them!

Much Love,


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"Contents: 20g Herbal Bath Potion In Satin Pouch with Decorative Tag.

(This is for adult use only & is not to be ingested. Please keep out of reach from children & pets.)

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