Alchemical Poetry Called Down From The Air

Alchemical Poetry Called Down From The Air Cover “Out of chaos God formed substance, making what is not into what is. He hewed enormous pillars out of ether that cannot be grasped.” – Sefer Yetsirah 2:6 “The whole secret of the art was said to be contained in the maxim Solve et coagula, ‘Dissolve and combine’. To ‘dissolve’ means to strip away a substance’s characteristics, to ‘combine’ is to build up a new substance.” – Richard Cavendish, Alchemy clothe itself in flesh & whiplike bones his troubled dreams already dead she rose to shake from far below in earth & walked the house the dark & faintly red he blew the lamp or trees or massed outside in firetop weeds & rain his tank of stone & tears he calls it lux it hurt to call in bedroom graveyard light like winter aires the heart as meat immersed in rills & freshets closed the middle span his box or trunk collected blood or rings the edge of woods & birds an elder snare or ghoulsign hollow sun her august keys beneath the open slate & stuffed or hollow men suggested rats the never white in glass or made the walls a spark not black not red not green she chops in tantric battle all we are & would be (change: drums that fade to desert pixies dress she sends her cement wings & wine a no place empty face

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