Alchemical Poetry The Bloody Great Work

Alchemical Poetry The Bloody Great Work Cover (a cautionary tale from the path of the dabbler) I broke my soul the other day. I hate it when that happens. My karmas bent, my chakras cracked, and my Kundalini flattened. I stuck my fingers in the fire and scorched them to the joint. I rote my rite and rung my bell, but forgot one tiny point. If a force that's raised is out of phase with the resident elemental, the resulting blow to the raiser's mind can be seriously detrimental. So the scales of balance tipped once more, and reality went berserk. But the journey's end made me surer than before that it really is a bloody Great Work. by StarlighT (Yahoo Clubs)

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Axiom Of Maria

Axiom Of Maria Cover
Axiom of Maria is a precept in alchemy: "One becomes two, two becomes three, and out of the third comes the one as the fourth. " It is attributed to 3rd century alchemist Maria Prophetissa, also called the Jewess, sister of Moses, or the Copt. Marie-Louise von Franz gives an alternative version thus: "Out of the One comes Two, out of Two comes Three, and from the Third comes the One as the Fourth. " Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung (1875 - 1961) used the axiom as a metaphor for the process of individuation. One is unconscious wholeness; two is the conflict of opposites; three points to a potential resolution; the third is the transcendent function, described as a "psychic function that arises from the tension between consciousness and the unconscious and supports their union"; and the one as the fourth is a transformed state of consciousness, relatively whole and at peace. Jung speaks of the axiom of Maria as running in various forms through the whole of alchemy like a leitmotiv. In "The Psychology of the Transference" he writes of the fourfold nature of the transforming process using the language of Greek alchemy: "It begins with the four separate elements, the state of chaos, and ascends by degrees to the three manifestations of Mercurius in the inorganic, organic, and spiritual worlds; and, after attaining the form of Sol and Luna (i.e., the precious metal gold and silver, but also the radiance of the gods who can overcome the strife of the elements by love), it culminates in the one and indivisible (incorruptible, ethereal, eternal) nature of the anima, the quinta essentia, aqua permanens, tincture, or lapis philosophorum. This progression from the number 4 to 3 to 2 to 1 is the 'axiom of Maria'... " The Axiom of Maria may be interpreted as an alchemical analogy of the process of individuation from the many to the one, from undifferentiated unconsciousness to individual consciousness.

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Helen Abbott Michael

Helen Abbott Michael Cover
Helen Cecilia De Silver Abbott Michael, M.D. (December 23, 1857 - November 29, 1904) was an American scientist who was among the first to "in a systematic way study the relation of chemical composition to species of plants and to plant growth. " Michael theorized that the chemical composition of plants over the course of their development provided an illustration for the theory of evolution. She also was a student of Harvard organic chemist Arthur Michael (known for the Michael reaction), who she subsequently married.

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