Medieval Medical Manuscripts In The Harleian Collection P1

Medieval Medical Manuscripts In The Harleian Collection P1 Cover Harley 3, JOHN MIRFIELD, 'BREVIARIUM BARTHOLOMEI', with glosses and recipes by John Dee; circa 1400. Latin. Harley 6, ST. ISIDORE OF SEVILLE, 'ETYMOLOGIAE', and ALEXANDER NECKAM, 'CORROGATIONES PROMETHEI'; 13th cent. Latin. Harley 55, ANGLO-SAXON Miscellany INCLUDING MEDICAL REMEDIES AND ANGLO-SAXON LAWS BY EDGAR AND CANUTE THE GREAT; early 11th cent. Old English. Harley 57, ALBERTUS MAGNUS, DE MINERALIBUS ET LAPIDIBUS; early 14th cent. Latin. Harley 79, STATUTES OF ENGLAND and ALBERTUS MAGNUS, DE MINERALIBUS ET LAPIDIBUS; 14th-15th cent. Latin and French. Harley 80, COLLECTION OF TEXTS ON ASTRONOMY, OPTICS, ASTROLOGY, AND STONES FROM A MERTON COLLEGE MANUSCRIPT; 13th-15th cent. Latin. Harley 116, COLLECTION OF POEMS AND TREATISES; 15th cent., second half. Middle English and Latin. Harley 209, MISCELLANY OF DEVOTIONAL AND Theological TEXTS FROM ABINGDON ABBEY, including note relating to bloodletting; late 13th-early 14th cent. Latin and Anglo-Norman. Copies. Imperfect. Harley 211, THEOLOGICAL COMPILATION; first half of the 15th cent. and early 13th cent., with late 15th-cent. additions relating to medicine. Latin and Middle English. Harley 218, COMPOSITE MISCELLANY INCLUDING JOHN LYDGATE'S 'TESTAMENT', SCIENTIFIC AND RELIGIOUS TRACTS, MEDICAL AND ALCHEMICAL RECIPES AND CHARMS, AND PRINTED BOOKLETS; 13th-early 16th cent. Middle English and Latin. Harley 219, COMPOSITE MISCELLANY INCLUDING ODO OF CHERITON'S FABLES AND CHRISTINE DE PIZAN'S EPISTRE OTHEA; 15th cent., first half. Latin, French and Middle English. Harley 270, GUERNES DE PONT-SAINTE-MAXENCE, LIFE OF THOMAS BECKET, AND MATTHAEUS PLATEARIUS, BOOK OF SIMPLE MEDICINES; 13th cent., 1st half. French and Latin. Harley 273, COMPILATION OF RELIGIOUS AND SECULAR TEXTS; first half of 14th cent. Anglo-Norman, Old French, and Latin. Harley 275, COLLECTION OF THEOLOGICAL TREATISES; 15th cent. Latin, Middle English and English. Harley 337, COMPOSITE MISCELLANY INCLUDING A CARTULARY FROM ST. AUGUSTINE'S ABBEY, CANTERBURY, AND WILLIAM OF WADDINGTON, MANUEL DE PECHIEZ; 12th-14th cent. Latin and Anglo-Norman. Harley 497, ALCOATIM, CONGREGATIO SIVE LIBER DE OCULIS, AND OTHER SHORT MEDICAL TEXTS ; 15th cent. Latin and Italian. Harley 524, COLLECTION OF SERMONS AND THEOLOGICAL TRACTS; mid 13th cent. Latin and Anglo-Norman. Harley 546, IRISH MEDICAL MISCELLANY; 1459 and mid 15th cent. Early Modern Irish and Latin. Harley 585, ANGLO-SAXON MEDICAL MISCELLANY; late 10th-early 11th cent. Old English, Latin, Old Irish and Old French. Harley 665, MISCELLANY INCLUDING TEXTS RELATING TO RHETORICS, GRAMMAR, THEOLOGY AND MEDICINE, AND OTHER PROSE AND VERSE; 15th cent. Latin and Middle English. Harley 912, COMMONPLACE-BOOK INCLUDING THEOLOGICAL AND HISTORICAL TEXTS IN PROSE AND VERSE; mid 14th cent. Latin and Anglo-Norman. Harley 937, PHYSICIAN'S FOLDING ALMANAC; circa 1430-1431. Middle English. Harley 941, MISCELLANY INCLUDING TREATISES RELATING TO HISTORY, ASTROLOGY, MAGIC, ASTRONOMY, GEOGRAPHY, RHETORIC, COMPRISING JOHN LYDGATE'S 'DIETARY' AND OTHER VERSES AND MEDICAL RECIPES; 15th cent., second half. Latin and Middle English. Harley 950, COLLECTION OF MEDICAL RECIPES; 16th cent. Middle English. Harley 978, COLLECTION OF MUSICAL, CALENDRICAL, MEDICAL AND LITERARY TEXTS INCLUDING FABLES, SATIRICAL POEMS AND LOVE POEMS; third quarter of 13th cent., possibly between 1261-1265. Middle English, Anglo-Norman and Latin. Harley 1005, CUSTOMARY OF BURY ST. EDMUNDS ABBEY, KNOWN AS LIBER ALBUS; 12th-early 15th cent. Old English and Latin. Harley 1010, MEDICAL MISCELLANY; second half of the 14th cent. Middle English and Latin.

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