A Dictionary Of Alchemical Imagery

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Book: A Dictionary Of Alchemical Imagery by Lyndy Abraham

This dictionary documents alchemical symbolism from the early centuries AD to the late-twentieth century, for use by historians of literary culture, philosophy, science and the visual arts, and readers interested in alchemy and hermeticism. Each entry includes a definition of the symbol, giving the literal (physical) and figurative (spiritual) meanings, an example of the symbol used in alchemical writing, and a quotation from a literary source. There are fifty visual images of graphic woodcuts, copperplate engravings and hand-painted emblems, some reproduced here for the first time. This is a superb book for anyone interested in alchemy. For those interested in alchemy and its connections to literature-- it's even better. The Articles are bursting with relevant information and insight into this often perplexing subject matter in an accessible, readable style. A "must have" for anyone interested in alchemy. The only thing I don't like is the price, which may prove prohibitive for some. Each entry has been made sufficiently complete and independent of the others, with detailed cross referencing. Entires on key concepts - the prima materia, the chemical wedding, the philosophers stone, Mercurius, and the stages known as the nigredo, albedo and rebedo - provide basic information about the main ideas of the alchemical opus for those unfamiliar with alchemical theory. Recommended as a general introduction to the subject.

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