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Book: Course Of Alchemy by Jose Luis Ramos

Dear student of Alchemy. The fact that you receive this unit it implies that you have assimilated the teachings of the previous one and overcome with success the test of corresponding evaluation. For it, I allow me to talk to you with the trust and the opening own among siblings of the sacred order of the Alchemy. Although you have not received the Initiation that, in an indelible way, it transforms you into a Philosopher by the Fire, when having discovered the Initial Matter (true key to accede to the Work), have you learned the philosophical principles that govern our Road and have you manifested your determination of continuing, you have reached a knowledge that it have been denied along the times to many investigators and erudites. On the other hand, Internet is, at the present time, the translation of the old medieval zoco, where there is of everything (good and bad) and anyone can enter and to expose its " goods ". The page of GAP is one more among so many others which it mix the Alchemy with the Magic, the Astrology and all type of esoterisms (there are serious pages, but they are few...) and the possible visitors don't have trial elements to be able to appreciate the seriousness of our offer. Also, the net is full with places " free " and all that you gets paid, still that it is moderate, it always sounds to suspect... For everything it, we reiterate our congratulation to you and we wish you a fortunate Road whose unavoidable difficulties have begun to overcome.

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