Apollonius Of Tyana

Apollonius Of Tyana Cover Concerning Apollonius and his remarkable powers, Francis Barrett, in his Biographia Antiqua, after describing how Apollonius quelled a riot without speaking a word, continues: "He traveled much, professed himself a legislator; understood all languages, without having learned them: he had the surprising faculty of knowing what was transacted at an immense distance, and at the time the Emperor Domitian was stabbed, Apollonius being at a vast distance, and standing in the market-place of the city, exclaimed, ‘Strike! strike!—’tis done, the tyrant is no more.’ He understood the language of birds; he condemned dancing and other diversions of that sort; he recommended charity and piety; he traveled over almost all the countries of the world; and he died at a very great age."

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