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Lets see if I got it right. The jews saw jesus as a false messiah because his teaching were against judaism and he broke many laws which were punishable by death. One thing jesus seemed to do was demand higher authority than yahweh, the now called christian god, and using unholy magic. In retrospect that made jesus seem like shatan, yahwehs angel of death and trickery, or possessed by evil spirits from other gods, so killing him made perfect sense. They were following the original bible, the tanahk. To them, and biblically, jesus didn't fulfill any messianic prophecy. His followers had to take certain words out of context, re-interpret them, and/or lie to get people to believe anything about jesus. At best jesus was a jewish revolutionary who wanted to change the culture and stop the senseless murder allowed in the jewish law, at worst, if the jewish god is real, jesus was shatan sent by yahweh to test the jews.

What's your opinion on this?

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