The Emerald Tablet Alchemy For Personal Transformation

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Book: The Emerald Tablet Alchemy For Personal Transformation by Dennis William Hauck

There is no phenomenon of Western culture more surprising and perennially fascinating than that of alchemyAthe endless search of learned fanatics for the secret of making gold, or wisdom, or both. Hauck, a practicing alchemist, is the latest in a line of re-inventors of the old tradition, and his reflections on the inner meaning of calcination, coagulation, and other alchemical processes is both idiosyncratic and fascinating. Highly recommended for larger libraries, or where books on occult traditions are popular. An emerald slab inscribed with the esoteric wisdom of Hermes Trismegistus that may be more than 2000 years old has inspired alchemists throughout history in their quest to understand the relationship between humans and the universe. Hauck, who has written about mystical experiences (Haunted Places), explores the tablet's message, drawing primarily on the work of classical scholars such as the Persian alchemist Zoroaster, the 16th-century physician Paracelsus, Pharaoh Akhenaten and the pre-Christian alchemist Maria Prophetissa to illuminate his substantial review of the history and principles of alchemy. In the Hermetic tradition, the physical and metaphysical worlds are mirror images: the transformation of a base metal into gold corresponds to the evolution of an ego-dominated person into one who possesses a permanent state of enlightened consciousness. Hauck's elucidation of the laws governing the refinement of energy, such as the Doctrine of Correspondence, the Seven Steps to Transformation and the Octave of Creation, will strike a chord with students of modern esoteric traditions such as the Fourth Way and Theosophy. His explanations of alchemical principles are difficult to understand, however, and will require scrutiny on the part of readers new to the material. However, those who have dabbled in the esoteric arts may find real gold in these teachings. If you've tried to understand the alchemical and Hermetic traditions from primary sources, or translations thereof, you have probably been as frustrated as I was. Those sources are not written to be read by the uninitiated or even the semi-initiated. Hauck has tied the tradition together from its earliest origins and made it understandable. I looked for my copy of _The Emerald Tablet_ to be able to cite details for this review, but it's making the rounds of my circle of friends right now. I may just have to buy another.

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