Seven Steps Of The Philosopher Stone Formula

Seven Steps Of The Philosopher Stone Formula Cover
Although the alchemists went to great pains to conceal the true order of the steps of the formula for making the Stone, the correct order according to the Emerald Tablet is: * Calcination, * Dissolution, * Separation, * Conjunction, * Fermentation, * Distillation, * Coagulation. The first four steps take place Below, in the realm of matter. The last three steps take place Above, in the realm of mind and creative imagination.


1. Saturn / black crow perching on top of a skull / Visita = Putrefaction 2. Jupiter / black crow watching itself dissolving / Interiora = Dissolution


3. Mars / two white soul birds retrieving the remains / Terra = Separation 4. Sun / ascending soul & spirit birds leave Earth and lift the five-spiked crown / Rectificanto = Conjunction


5. Venus / soul & spirit birds nest in a tree and brood over their egg / Inveniens = Fermentation 6. Mercury / unicorn lying in front of a rose bush / Occultum = Distillation 7. Moon / androgynous youth emerging from an open grave / Lapidem = Coagulation. The telemic process is subdivided in different phases. In general, a sevenfold was chosen, corresponding with the seven planets known in antiquity. Various other sevenfold classifications were used : the days of the week, the seven "Artes Liberales", the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, the seven deadly sins, the seven ways of holy love, the seven heavens, the seven hells, etc. The habit of publishing bogus correspondences, assisted the occultation of Hermetism, but served well as a protection device. It was Jung who, in the previous century, showed that the discipline is psychological & spiritual, rather than physical or technological. As a spiritual discipline, alchemy differs from the other traditions. Its use of physical objects & their properties, to convey spiritual & philosophical teachings is unique for the Egypto-Alexandrian model, rooted it the Hermetical postulate, and indeed leading to admirable practical realizations.

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