How To Practice Divine Architect Principles Of Creation

How To Practice Divine Architect Principles Of Creation Cover Possible scenario: You wish to change a friend’s very unhappy home life and its chaotic circumstances. Step 1: Identify which principle is most likely to assist. In this case, Number 3: Creating Heaven on Earth. Step 2: Note that the nature archetype affiliated with it, is number 16 which is light. Take at least half an hour until you become one with the embodiment of Heaven on Earth. Tip: You will be able to feel a slightly different frequency vibrating in the cells of your body if you are sensitive. Step 3: Because you now embody this principle, as you go into the adoration of the Infinite, this principle which is part of the Infinite life, is strengthened (according to the Laws of Reality, what you focus on, you empower). Enter into an attitude of adoration while embodying Heaven on Earth, thereby helping to bring it about throughout all life. Note: It is difficult at times to find the full measure of adoration when the Infinite seems nebulous, but the Infinite’s face is mirrored in the exquisite beauty of life forms within Creation. Adoration can be felt for the Infinite by what has been created. Sustain the adoration for at least 15-20 minutes. This time period is a guideline for beginners. As you do this frequently, it might eventually take a few minutes. Step 4: Because you have just given a gift to the one life expressing as the many, you are now entitled to receive gifts in return. Place the window of Creating Heaven On Earth, number 3, immediately in front of you on the table. Place underneath it (symbolic of the underlying principle) the window of Adoration, number 1. Immediately, on top of them, place the 50 Codes of Creation. Now communicate with the archetype of light, taking time to feel the service that it gives until you feel love, praise, and gratitude in your heart. For example, light and love has become inseparable since the earth’s ascension started February 5, 2005 (See Opening the Doors of Heaven). Light is the organization of all known information. Coupled with love, it is the desire to embrace in inclusiveness all that is known. Life will only manifest what is needed at any given point - everything known serves a purpose that should be honored. After experiencing the gratitude, request that the nature archetype bring in the Creational Codes from the Earth through the wheel into the window of Creating Heaven on Earth. Step 5: For the next 10 minutes, envision these holy codes of light, like a living stream of blue light, coming from the center of Earth through the wheel before you into the wheel you have chosen. Step 6: Put your head directly over the wheel on top of the two windows. As though you are looking into the situation you wish to heal. Envision it beneath the three pieces of paper and see the scene clearly, e.g., the chaotic house Step 7: See a ball of blue light developing around the 3 papers and starting a stream of blue light carrying the codes entering the scene and filling the space you are envisioning. See the scene change to a higher order (Note: this mystical information will not work when a lower order is envisioned). You can therefore not force your will onto the scene if it is not for the highest good of all. Note: If the principle you choose is the principle of adoration, only one window will be used

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