Emblema Xxxix Of Michael Maiers 1618 Atalanta Fugiens

Emblema Xxxix Of Michael Maiers 1618 Atalanta Fugiens Cover “The foreground figures illustrate the riddle of the Sphinx: What is That Which walks on four in the morning, on two at noon, on three in the evening? Answer: Man. The geometrical signs inscribed on the three foreground figures refer to the opus and to the composition of the philosopher’s stone [says Maier]: ‘The true Meaning is: first one should consider the square, or the four elements; from there one should advance to the hemisphere, Which has two lines, the straight and the curved one, representing Luna, who is made white; after that one should pass to the triangle, which consists of body, soul, and spirit, or Sol, Luna, and Mercurius’” (p32).

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