Alchemical Poetry Emerald Tablet

Alchemical Poetry Emerald Tablet Cover Hermes set down seven steps to transform From the 'lead' of Self, the 'gold' of Spirit is born. Step one, CALCINATION, the Spirit awakes What is life about? Questions you make. Step two, DISSOLUTION, the Psyche stirs Remorse abounds, realization occurs. Step three, SEPARATION. Release! Let go! Use your willpower now and still your Ego. Step four, CONJUNCTION. Empowering! Behold! Intuition now grows and Realities unfold. Step five, FERMENTATION, time to contemplate Prepare to receive, focus and concentrate. Step six, DISTILLATION, intuition perfected Contact is made, Knowledge is now projected. Step seven, COAGULATION, you are one with all Thoughts become actions, you have made the call. Four steps below, three above, we see Hermes gives us his tablet of Spirit Alchemy. by Kate Chambers

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