The Elixir Of Immortality A Modernday Alchemists Discovery Of The Philosophers Stone

The Elixir Of Immortality A Modernday Alchemists Discovery Of The Philosophers Stone Cover

Book: The Elixir Of Immortality A Modernday Alchemists Discovery Of The Philosophers Stone by Robert Cox

Things that make this book great: (1) the author, Robert Cox, discloses the meaning of the symbols used in European and other alchemical writings. (2) he discloses how to make the philosopher's stone, the supreme alchemical substance. (3) he summarizes highlights of European, Egyptian, Vedic, and Chinese alchemical practices and teachings. The author says that in order to make the philosopher's stone, you would need a well-equipped lab and good lab skills, because the process requires working with highly poisonous substances (mercury and antimony). Personally I would never attempt it. And even if I had the skills, I doubt I would ingest the substance, although when taken by someone whose system has been properly purified and prepared, it is said to restore youthfulness, vitality, give siddhis, etc. The author notes that some people have died either trying to make the philosopher's stone or from consuming too much. I like anecdotes that the author provides. For example, there are lesser alchemical substances such as "philosophical gold" which is one of the precursor substances to the philosopher's stone. (By the way, philosophical gold is described by Mr. Cox as monoatomic or "white powder" gold, i.e., gold in a state in which atoms have been disaggregated so that the gold does not display metallic properties.) Mr. Cox relates the story of someone who took some philosophical gold when freshly made, and had what could be called classical spiritual experiences of visiting the realms of higher beings. Others took it some weeks after it had been produced, and experienced nothing. The moral of that particular story: the energy of that particular substance fades over time. The author describes why he had revealed the long-held secret of how to make the philosopher's stone: his perception or belief is that it is the will of God that the process be released because it is to be the property of the commmon man in the coming age. I take this as a strong indication that a golden age is fast approaching (though there may be rough times during the transition). A modern-day quest that echoes the ancient alchemists’ work to discover the elixir of life - Provides an overview of alchemical practices in the ancient world--from Europe to China - Reveals the alchemical secrets for creating this elixir in clear scientific language In 1989, while attempting to extract precious minerals from his property, a wealthy Arizonan obtained a mysterious white material that initially defied scientific attempts to identify it. After several years of testing, this substance was revealed to consist of gold and platinum--but in a form unknown to modern science. Further research showed that this powder, which had also been discovered to possess marvelous healing powers, contained monatomic forms of precious metals whose electron units had been altered to no longer display the physical, chemical, or electrical properties of the original elements. This substance, Robert Cox shows, bears eerie resemblance to the ultimate quest of the alchemists: the elixir of immortality. The mysterious material-spiritual science of alchemy was once pervasive throughout the ancient world, spanning the globe from China and India to Egypt and medieval Europe. In The Elixir of Immortality, Robert Cox reviews the alchemical lore of these traditions and the procedures each used to produce this fabulous elixir. Using his own alchemical research, Cox then reveals secrets that have been kept hidden for millennia uncovered in his own modern-day quest to rediscover this long-sought elixir of life. The final section of Cox's book reveals what he asserts is the final alchemical secret, which can lead us to a new era of enlightened immortality or a hellish self-created doom. His trust that now is the time and we are the people who are ready to actualize the higher of these two potential destinies is his stated reason for abandoning past cautions and bringing the unvarnished truth into the public arena.

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