Alchemical Poetry Green Potion N1

Alchemical Poetry Green Potion N1 Cover (sung to the tune of Love Potion #9) I took my troubles to the Alchemist. You know -- that Merlin with the golden wrist. He's got a pad down on Cedar made of pine, Sellin' little bottles of Green Potion #1. I told him that I was a flop with chicks. I've been calcinating since 1956. Just can't dissolve, separate, or ferment! He said, "What you need is Green Potion #1." He stood up, turned around, and gave me a wink. He said "I'm going to brew it up right here in the sink." It smelled like rotten eggs; it looked like India ink. I held my nose; I closed my eyes. I took a drink. I didn't know if I was out or in. I started craving mercury, salt, and tin. But when I ate some copper and silver just for fun, I knew that I had finally reached coagulation ... 'cause of Green Potion #1. Green Potion #1! by the Alchemy Workshop class at the Omega Institute (August 14-18, 2000)

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