Portrait Of The Alchemist

Portrait Of The Alchemist Cover Just as Revelation strikes the priest, so the divine mystery overwhelms the alchemist and shapes his way of life. His opus is not so much determined by technical knowledge and manual skill but, rather, by its true goal, redemption. His soul is to be saved. He has to strive for detachment from matter, for liberation from his passions, and for suppression of his body. He is spiritual man, alone, in search of himself, on a silent quest for God. THE LANGUAGE OF ALCHEMY. Alchemy, like every other movement in the history of civilization, found its own forms of expression. Their pseudoscientific orientation imparted to the Alchemical writings the stamp of mystery, and by displaying the “jargon of mysteries” (Festugiere, 1950, p. 82) these texts produced the effect of liturgy and secured a screen against the profane.

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