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Umayya ibn Abd al-Aziz ibn Abi al-Salt al-Dani al-Andalusi was born in Denia, Al-Andalus 1068 and died 1134 Bejaia, Algeria. After the death of his father he became a student of al-Waqqashi (1017-1095) of Toledo (a colleague of Al-Zarqali). After completing his mathematical education in Seville and because the continuing conflicts during the reconquesta he set out with his family to Alexandria and then Cairo in 1096. He then entered the service of the Fatimid ruler Abu Tamim Ma'add al-Mustanir bi-llah and the Vizier Al-Afdal Shahanshah, in the year 1108 a very large Felucca with a massive cargo of copper capsized in the Nile River, Abu al-Salt attempted to a massive build mechanical tool in order to retrieve the Felucca, the ship was almost retrieved but the Silk ropes broke apart and the Fatimid ruler ordered the arrest of Abu al-Salt. He stayed in prisin for more than 3years only to be released in 1112. He then fled Egypt for Kairouan in Tunisia he entered the service of the zealous Zirids in Ifriqiya. After the Arabs of Banu Hilal besieged Kairouan he fled to Sicily and entered the service of Roger I of Sicily as a physician and became a close friend and colleague of Al-Idrisi. It is highly probable that he met Ibn Jubayr also from Al-Andalus, he returned to Mahdia and served as a polymath. Abu al-Salt taught Alchemy was particularly interested in the study of medicinal plants and was keen to discover an elixir able to transmute copper into gold and tin into silver. Abu al-Salt wrote various works on astronomy such as the Risala fi al-amal bi-l-astrulab (On the construction and use of the astrolabe), (Description of the construction and Use of a Single Plate with which the totality of the motions of the seven planets he also describes three instruments known as the Andalusian equatoria. He was also honored by Ibn Khaldun four centuries later.

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