Corpse Powder

Corpse Powder Cover
Corpse powder or corpse poison is a Navajo folkloric substance made from powdered corpses. The powder is used by Navajo witches to curse their victims. The best sources for 'a'nt'i are the corpses of children, especially twins; the best body parts for it are the fingerprints and the bones of the back of the skull. 'A'nt'i is said to look like the corn pollen used in blessing ceremonials. However, it is used to curse, not to bless. There are different types of powder. For example, incest corpse powder is made from dried semen produced from intercourse with the corpse of a female relative. The effect of the 'a'nt'i is a curse-disease, usually indicated by an immediate reaction to administration of the poison, like fainting, swelling of the tongue, or lockjaw. Sometimes, however, the victims simply wastes away as from a normal disease. Because, however, it is actually caused by a witch, medicine or the usual disease ceremonials will not be effective. If the person from which the corpse powder is made died of a contagious disease, the powder may have actual harmful properties.

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