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The circled dot, circumpunct, or circle with a point at its centre is an ancient symbol. It can symbolize: The sun: See also Solar symbol The sun / Ra. Solar Masses symbol used in modern astronomical equations The sun / a day A vector directed out of and orthogonal to the two-dimensional surface on which it is drawn. The circumference of a circle An Ordi, the symbol of the Divine Order, representing Chaos, Light, Life, Freedom, Good, Happiness, Infinity, and Existence Gold Control of the passions City centre (European road-signs) Make a wish (reading tea-leaves) Determined position The roundels used as military aviation insignia, such in Turkish Air Force or Hellenic Air Force End of trail. Gone home. Spirit Cup, http://www. npr. org/programs/morning/features/2001/dec/orangutan/011219. orangutan. html In Philately, an indication of a used, or cancelled, stamp. In phonology, a click consonant The trademark of the Target Corporation The Huichol Indian's Eye of God "Ojo de dios". Can depict a stylized representation of an atom of hydrogen, the oldest, simplest and most abundant chemical element in the universe. (Fittingly, as hydrogen makes up most of the mass of the Sun, also represented by a circled dot. ) Kether in Sephirot (Kabbalah) Monad in Pythagoreanism The opening page of The Giant's Fence by Michael Jacobson http://dbqp. blogspot. com/2007/03/sans-teeth-sans-eyes-sans-taste-sans. html the circumpunct can also be interpreted as the singularity point before the big bang.

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