Ormus Modern Day Alchemy Primer Of Ormus Collection

Ormus Modern Day Alchemy Primer Of Ormus Collection Cover

Book: Ormus Modern Day Alchemy Primer Of Ormus Collection by Chris Emmons

It's hard not to repeat what I read above, this book is all of what was said so well there. It is clear, concise, etc.; and the directions could not be more explicit or easy to follow. But the main thing is that this book REALLY puts YOU into the process for a change. Many websites are making and selling ORMUS products online now, most are excellent. But you CANNOT get around the fact that ORMUS you make for yourself will be unsurpassed in terms of what it can do for you. Even so, those of us who are not chemists have been slow to experiment with the very simple processes required to enjoy that customized advantage. Everyone in 'the ORMUS community' is studying this substance with diligence. Some are very knowledgeable Alchemists, Chemists, medical doctors, and even psychiatrists. The main group of us using it though are just ordinary people who realize how excitingly special ORMUS really is. NOW it is so much easier to join in the exploration of what may turn out to be the greatest discovery of a beneficial natural substance in human history. That is not an exaggeration by the way. Make no mistake -- ORMUS is NOT new. It is ancient. However the knowledge of it has remained hidden for a long time. Now we can all help bring this knowledge back within common access. One only has to look at the state of the world to realize how desperately we need something that feeds the soul, stretches the mind, and supports and enhances all the physical processes. That is a tall order, and ORMUS rises to it well. What a great resource for all things ORMUS. This is the first book to actually describe simple processes to make your own ORMUS, and the BEST is always the ORMUS you make for yourself! From simple kitchen chemicals up to advanced techniques, this book covers the range and invites you along the path of Alchemy and personal transmutation and transfiguration. Well written and concise, balanced and clear language, and a long list of sources and suggestions make this a great place to start an adventure that keeps on and on. Fasten your seat belt! Thanks, Chris, for writing this! CHRISTINE M. EMMONS graduated from Pharmacy school in 1976 and owned a Pharmacy in Pontiac, Michigan until 1991 when she moved to South Florida. She observed alternative healing modalities in action as a close friend underwent a serious health crisis and this experience sparked an interest in the subject that led to knowledge of the Ormus material and its beneficial effects. Having a pharmacy background, she desired to know how to collect Ormus from fresh water seawater,organic matter, minerals and metals. Beginning in 2004 devoted herself to finding and learning from those who could teach and explain proper technique. These included Ormus Researchers and a well-known commercial Alchemist. A friend, having heard about the culmination of these efforts, verbalized how the Ormus community-both current and future-could benefit by having a manual of Ormus collection processes and that Chris embodied professional training and personal traits to complete such a work. Because Chris never forgot how it feels to yearn for the knowledge of Ormus collection processes she began work on such a manual. It is now available to the Ormus community and the world. In addition to this work, Chris is an active member of the Ormus community, sponsors "lab days" that teach Ormus collection processes and is a member of the International Alchemy Guild.

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